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Lauren McNurlen

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With Lauren

Readings with psychic medium and channel Lauren McNurlen give spiritual guidance and direction for the many facets of life. Lauren connects with angels, guides, master teachers, and passed over loved ones to help heal and guide that which your soul desires and asks. Most readings include a channeled message and healing through releasing. Lauren's psychic gifts include seeing past lives, mediumship, channeling, helping ghosts pass over, peering into future possibilities, and connecting with personal objects. She looks forward to connecting with you and assisting with your personal psychic healing and expansion.


Schedule a Reading

Readings start at 15 minutes and go up in 15 minute increments. If you would like to touch base a 30 minute reading is suggested, but for more in-depth information a 45 minute-1 hour reading is more suitable

Due to Covid-19 all readings are by phone or zoom, available by appointment. 

What People Say

I had a reading with Lauren that included everything I needed to hear and things I did not even know I needed to hear! Her booth had the most peaceful, loving energy within it and I immediately felt comfortable with her. She has a wonderful disposition and caring attitude. Highly recommended!


S. Fisher

Central Michigan

My reading with Lauren was very real and spot on. I have been practicing spirituality myself so I already knew some of the things she told me, which was a confirmation on her part. Her style is very peaceful, she doesn’t rush through and stops often to ask if you have any questions. I will be getting another reading from her again and highly recommend her to anyone! I even had my daughter see her!


Central Michigan


Lauren McNurlen

Berkley, MI


Tel 859 536 9195

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